Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fredaikis Anti-Cheat available for licensing?
Yes, you can read more about FAC at: fac.fredaikis.com

Does Fredaikis Anti-Cheat use a Kernel Driver?

Yes we use a Kernel Driver in order to protect the game process against external threats. The Kernel Driver only starts when you start a FAC Protected game, and shuts down immediately after the game is closed.

How does Fredaikis Anti-Cheat affect my privacy?

We are devoted to making sure users feel that their privacy is respected. Fredaikis Anti-Cheat has been designed with user privacy and non-intrusiveness in mind. Fredaikis Anti-Cheat will collect certain non-personal information from your Operating System and/or computer. It may also screenshot your game window. Fredaikis Anti-Cheat will never scan your files or documents, nor will it report any personal data about you as a person.

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